Review: Organic Valley Cream Cheese Spread


Finally, what everyone has been waiting for. The first review on this blog.


I am hoping to at least do a food review once a week, if anyone has any suggestions on foods that they would like me to review please let me know.

Okay, let’s get started!

After receiving vendor coupons from Organic Valley (‘How to get coupons for food’ post coming soon!) I decided to try the cream cheese spread.

The nutritional value is pretty similar to the top cream cheese brand, Philadelphia, which I will be comparing this product to.


According to the Kraft website, the cream cheese spread contains 80 calories per two tablespoons and a little less fat, but it also has no calcium or vitamin A. So, nutritionally speaking, Organic Valley already seems to be a bit superior.

Ingredient wise, again they are about the same, it is only cream cheese after all.


Organic Valley has locust bean gum instead of carob bean gum. I am not sure what the difference between the two are, if anyone knows please leave a comment. Otherwise, I will have to research it myself and let you know. The other (rather obvious) difference between the two is that Organic Valley is of course organic, Philadelphia is not. Buying dairy products organically is often recommended due to the increased hormones in ordinary cow milk. For something like cream cheese, I don’t know if I really eat enough of it to bother…but then again if I can afford something organic I prefer to go with the organic option.

Next step…opening up the lid and taking a scoop…


(Sorry for the low quality picture, I was really hungry and couldn’t wait to take a better one.)

It looks really creamy and soft, but when I dug my knife in it felt very firm; it spread just like Philadelphia brand on my British Raisin Muffin (from Trader Joe’s, no picture of that either, remember I was hungry) but it definitely has a much more yellow ‘complexion’ than its well known competitor.

Taste test, after sprinkling sugar and cinnamon roasted pecans on my muffin I took a bite. It is definitely cream cheese, the texture is so smooth and, well, creamy. The flavor is a little more muted than I am used to from the Philadelphia version, it is not bad but not as tangy in my opinion. For a free product it is really, really good. For a product I would have to purchase…yes, I think I could buy this instead of Philadelphia, although I am tempted to add a little bit of greek yogurt, or even lemon juice, to give it a tang.

If you prefer a less tangy/flavorful cream cheese, I highly recommend this one. If you are in love with the Philadelphia cream cheese flavor, and expecting it in Organic Valley, you may be a little disappointed.

I am still trying to figure out how I am going to rate products, stars and spoons have all seemed to be used countless times…

In the meantime I will just say that this is a really good cream cheese that I definitely recommend.

9 Smiles out of 10?

*Despite receiving my free vendor coupon, all opinions are entirely my own. I am not paid for this review nor do I receive  compensation of any sort. In short, all reviews are my honest opinion.