Review: Chobani Pumpkin Yogurt


I was so eager to “dig-in” that I forgot to take a picture before opening it. Since opening this one, my mother and I consumed ten of them in less than a week…she only had three.

The flavor has that traditional tang of Greek yogurt with the perfect creamy texture of Chobani. They definitely did not disappoint me in this flavor.

So, what is this flavor? It is just pumpkin-y enough to be called pumpkin. Pumpkin lovers will love it and even non-pumpkin eaters could probably tolerate it. A light cinnamon and nutmeg essence is in every bite, but it is in no way overwhelming.

Taking another bite it reminds me so much of pumpkin cheesecake that I can’t put it down. The sweetness (not overly sweet), tang, creamy texture, and maybe even the two percent milk used…it is pumpkin cheesecake in a cup! Okay, I will relent a little and say that it is not one hundred percent pumpkin cheesecake, but it comes really close to it,

I freeze my yogurts for about an hour…to give them a creamier texture, I highly recommend doing that with this one.

Enough with flavor, what about the ingredients and nutrition stats?



Right, here it is. Plenty of bacteria to show it is yogurt. It does have real pumpkin puree as the third ingredient, which is pretty good compared to most “pumpkin” products on the market. That is also why it has 8% Vitamin A, from the pumpkin. It is a bit high in sugar, (most flavored yogurts are)  I am pretty sure about half of those are added. Chobani plain has 4 grams of sugar, pumpkin probably adds about a gram but I am not quite sure.  It may claim 40% less sugar than regular yogurt…but honestly, regular yogurt is PLAIN yogurt with about a third of the sugar…

Protein count is high. Yes it has 2.5 grams of fat…but it is good fat. I recommend this article if you still believe fat is harmful to your health. Although I do not agree with everything on his website, Dr. Axe definitely has some interesting articles on his website and I recommend reading through some of them if nutrition interests you.

Back to Chobani. It tastes delicious…definitely 10 smiles…especially frozen and consumed as a dessert it easily makes it to those 10 smiles!

*My Disclaimer. I do not receive any compensation for this review. All opinions are entirely my own.


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