Little Thoughts

I must really apologize for my lack of inactivity. Especially being that this is such a new blog, I definitely need to be adding some more posts.

Though I do have quite a few more recipes that I want to share, I do not like the pictures that I have for my current recipes. Before adding more recipes, I want better quality photos, so until then, my blog will mostly feature reviews and nutrition advice/tips.

I would have been working on better photos (I am no photographer) but between online classes, final exams, and stomach bugs…I have been in no mood for pictures, or any food for that matter…

Friday night I was exhausted, in the middle of the night I awoke with a horrible feeling of nausea and ad I made my way to the bathroom I hoped I wasn’t going to be sick. Well, “hoping” doesn’t always go as planned. I won’t get too graphic but I was in bed all day on Saturday and Sunday, barely able to eat more than toast and eggs.

Stomach bugs (or noroviruses) are not something that I frequently get, over the past ten years I have only had one stomach bug and two cases of food poisoning (thankfully) but for some reason, this time was a little different. I seriously cannot eat anything without feeling sick to my stomach, which brings me to this thought…what is health?

I like to adhere to a healthy diet, eating fruits and vegetables every day, avoiding refined grains, sugars, and all the other “bad” foods. But throughout my illness, the only foods I have been able to tolerate are not foods that I personally deem healthy as every day food…the foods that I see as nourishing and ‘safe’ only create in me a horrible nauseous feeling; so repulsed I do not even want to smell those foods.

Of course, that didn’t answer my question, but it is something to think about. Right now, fruit, vegetables, yogurt, tuna, chicken, (I can go on…) are not foods that I can eat. I like them, they are good for me, I am not allergic, and most are considered “superfoods” but they do not help me in my present condition. Instead my diet is now consisting of white wheat bread (this is different from white refined bread I will do a post on it soon) , honey, graham crackers, and ginger ale–from Trader Joe’s. Not a diet that is particularly nutritious, too me it looks more like a little kids diet when they get what they want (i.e. chicken nuggets and mac & cheese)

When I can go back to a greater variety I will definitely be thankful, but I also realize that sometimes our culture gets too wrapped up in what is “good” for us that we do not see the bigger picture. Not to be too morbid but ultimately, as human beings, we all will die, no matter the food we eat, we cannot extend our life into infinity. I can eat all the organic, non-gmo superfoods I possibly can, but they won’t save me from death in the end. Yet, our souls will live on. If it is our souls that will live forever, not our bodies, would not it be wiser to nourish our souls rather than our bodies?

In so doing, the thing that will live forever will be well-nourished to the best of its ability. Our body is the temple of the Lord’s and we should treat it as such by having proper nourishment, exercise, etc. but more so should we seek to nourish our souls with the best nutrition we possibly can, the Word of God.

This is something that I can feast on regardless of my stomach bug!

I hope you all have a wonderful rest of your week and were able to understand my rig-ama-role.





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