REVIEW: Halo Top Cookie Dough Ice Cream


Halo Top. I had heard many different opinions on this ice cream and so I had to try it for myself!

As a disclaimer, I don’t necessarily like the idea behind “this is low calorie/sugar free/not guilty so I can go ahead and eat the entire pint” I plan to do a post about that mindset in the near future, in the meantime, I believe moderation is key whether you are talking Talenti, Halo Top, or broccoli….

But I digress, let us get back onto this review.

I was skeptical to say the least of trying this ice cream, would it taste artificial? umpleasant? I was unsure what to expect.

In any event, I certainly did not expect to open up the container to find that their was open space between the ice cream itself and the sides of the container. I did contact Halo Top to see if this is normal, hopefully they will get back to me soon…when they do I will do a follow up post about Halo Top including complete nutrition/ingredient facts.

For now this is about taste and texture as I am posting from my smart phone.

It tasted like ice cream, it was delicious, albeit a bit sweet…no artificial flavor at all. The cookie dough pieces were the perfect texture and I highly recommend this as a good ice cream NOT an ice cream substitute.

As for the consistency, it was a bit closer to sherbet than ice cream. I am assuming that is because of the low fat content, but it was still very tasty.

2017-03-08 13.19.21.jpg

I would eat this again for sure and look forward to trying more flavors…

Nutrition and ingredients to be continued…